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Santushti Yoga

Santushti Yoga was founded by Yogini Marie in 2014.

The name Santushti Yoga is derived from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning contentment-a state that can best be described at elusive for the majority of us. With the multiple demands placed upon us: juggling jobs, bills, family, relationships, while all the time striving to look after ourselves too, it really seems that contentment-the root of happiness-is the most sought after commodity in our western society.

Our busy lifestyles create an abundance of obstacles to finding inner peace, and instead we tend to seek our happiness externally. ………

As a practice, yoga can help us to find this inner balance through movement of the body combined with proper breathing, proper diet and meditation.

 About Marie



I first set foot into my first yoga class just over eleven years ago. Leaving the class feeling confused about the purpose and meaning of yoga I nonetheless persevered, determined to find out what all the fuss was about. It wasn’t long before I soon fell in love with yoga and pursued a regular practice of mainly hot yoga. My practice soon became a passion and I started teaching friends and family outside of my busy working schedule.

At that time I had a busy career running wine bars in central London. Trying to juggle my career with a rather hectic city lifestyle was starting to take its toll, and about three years ago it seemed like the time was right to close that particular chapter. I decided to embark on a journey to India in search of a special teacher and guru, embarked on a training programme and soon began teaching myself. This first journey has since opened up a world of opportunities for me to spread my love of yoga further afield.

I am an internationally recognized 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher. I am a passionate practitioner and teacher, and I share my love and knowledge of yoga between Australia, New Zealand, India and Europe.