Essential Oils

Yoga and essential oils work together in complete harmony. The use of essential oils can significantly deepen and expand the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga. Essential oils have been known to address many aspects of healing the body, mind and spirit.

Pure grade essential oils are a natural plant extract which have been used historically as therapeutic and spiritual aids. Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Chinese, Romans and Persians were among those known for their use of pure essential oils for their medicinal properties; in promoting health, anti-bacterial properties, aroma and massage as well as for their fragrant properties.

The use of pure essential oils complementing a yoga practise dates back thousands of years and originated in India. At that time Frankincense and Sandalwood were commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to balance Doshas (body constitution). Today we adopt the same methodology to bring a connection of body balance through the combination of yoga and essential oils.

Essential oils in yoga are most commonly used in the following three ways:


The use of a diffuser which expels essential oils in a micro fine mist does more than just enhance the smell of the room. A diffuser supports the molecular structure of the oil hence killing microbes and when inhaled connects directly with the blood brain barrier which ultimately affects our emotional wellbeing and is responsible for our moods. Aromatic use of essential oils can aid in relaxing the mind and body, relieve tension, improve concentration, alertness and mental clarity.

Topical Application:

Topical application is the direct application of essential oil onto the skin. Oils can usually be applied on any part of the body however are most commonly used on the bottom of the feet or behind the neck. Pure grade essential oils enter the blood stream within 30 seconds of application and can service every cell of the body within 20 minutes. This application then empowers our body to take what it needs from the oils bringing balance and harmony to not only our physical body but also our emotional and spiritual body.

Internal Application:

Due to the rigorous third party testing on the pure essential oils many of them are safe to use internally. It is important however to read the precautions on the bottle as some blends are not recommended for consumption. Citrus oils are commonly used for consumption to bring a zing into natural drinking water which then aids the body in supplying muscles with di-limonele, a beneficial molecular substance that aids in muscular recovery. Many oils can also be used by placing a drop or two under the tongue which then enter the blood stream quickly due to the blood capillaries being so close to the surface of the skin. Certain oils can also be consumed to assist in healthy digestive, colon and immune funcitons. Supporting healthy internal functions is an integral part of maintaining a healthy yogic practice.

Ultimately the use of pure grade essential oils through aromatic, topical or internal application will enhance a Yogi’s practice through using either; grounding oils to assist in a meditative approach, uplifting oils to assist in energetic or dynamic approaches, balancing oils to assist in a balanced approach or calming oils to assist in a relaxing approach. Regardless of your intention for your class essential oils are a beautiful accompaniment to your practice.

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