You may have already been lucky enough to sample some delightful Himalayan hand made incense. Tattva incense are made in a small village near the Himalayas in Northern India. The Indian government subsidise the running of this small business to help keep Indian village women in work.

Each incense is hand rolled and the ingredients are all ayurvedic and made form natural herbs and oils. Each scent has it’s own unique charm and healing qualities.


Jasmine Incense promotes relaxation and happiness. It’s rich and sensual aroma calms the nerves, balances the emotions and inspires positivity and love of life.

Lakshmi Flora Agarabatti has been made from pure natural herbs and oils. Tattva Lakshmi Flora Agarabatti is spreading a very pleasant and sweet fragrance and renders the atmosphere pure and pious.

Nag Champa Incense is derived from the aroma of the Champa (Plumeria) flower family. A rich , sweet and earthy aroma which enhances pleasure, grounding and connectivity with life.

Lemon Grass has a refreshing leafy aroma and is well known for its healing properties. It revitalises the mind and body, improves concentration and calms the mind. It also purifies the atmosphere and is and effective insect repellent.

Vetivert’s rich, earthy fragrance is often referred to as the aroma of tranquillity as it promotes peace and clarity, it grounds and stabilises, calms and sooths the mind, helps to pacify anger, restlessness and irritability and alleviates mental and physical fatigue.

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