Massage Noosa-Aroma Healing Touch

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Essential Oil Healing Touch Massage

Whilst on holiday in Noosa why not treat yourself to an essential oil healing touch massage technique? During our unique healing aroma touch technique you will experience a deep relaxation like never before, leaving you in state of complete euphoria.

Your unique experience will begin with a short verbal yoga nidra relaxation to bring your body and mind into a harmonized relaxed state. A few warm stones are then placed on your chakra energy channels, this brings awareness and subtle energy to your major energy points.

We then continue with the application of pure essential oils. Essential oils are individually applied along the spinal column. Gentle and dynamic motions are then used to spread the oils over your back. Application of the oils are applied systematically, the first two oils are calming and grounding oils which aid in stress management. The second two oils are immune supporting which support toxic overload (symptom of stress). The third two oils are anti-inflammatory oils, these oils aid in the recovery on inflammatory responses (symptom of toxic overload). The final two oils are revitalising and uplifting oils which aid in balancing the autonomic nervous system bringing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to a state of homeostasis.

Essential oils are ever increasing in popularity and are now a preferred natural alternative to manage both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Our essential oil healing aroma touch massage is a delightful way to experience the amazing therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils.

Unlike traditional massages our healing touch massage consists of gentle movements bringing you to a sleeping state of relaxation. Deep conscious relaxation is a powerful tool for overcoming stress, anxiety, inflammation and everyday wear and tear on both our body and mind.


1 hour Essential Oil Healing Touch $75

To book an appointment please phone Marie on 0415 813 584 or go to Santushti Yoga Appointment Bookings