Pelvic Floor Yoga For The Modern Day Woman

The pelvic floor is area of our anatomy that is often neglected in our bid to exercise, tone and stretch. It is unsurprising that approximately 50% of women will at some stage throughout their lives experience symptoms of pelvic floor discomfort. Pelvic floor yoga can help control and ease pelvic floor complaints. Symptoms of discomfort can differ from woman to woman including but not limited to; dragging feelings, pain, tightness, lacking bladder control, increased symptoms of PMS, increased symptoms of post natal depression, hormone imbalance, lack of lubrication, lack of sensitivity in the vaginal walls and unfulfilled sexual desires.

Yoga for the pelvic floor is rapidly gaining credibility due to the function of not only strengthening but also stretching. The pelvic floor is made up of many muscles, tendon, ligaments and nerves. It is important to not only strengthen the pelvic floor but to also stretch it. Failing to stretch the pelvic floor will result in it becoming tight. Just like any other muscle in our body, we don’t want it to be tight, we want it to be strong and supple.

Santushti Yoga is delighted to bring you a beautiful pelvic floor yoga practise which incorporates the use of Jade Yoni Eggs.

Jade eggs are a beautiful gift to your feminine energy while allowing you to return home to your body. Many women experience and cultivate feelings of beauty, softness, delicacy and self love through the use of jade yoni eggs.

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About Your Yoni Eggs


Jade yoni eggs originated in ancient China 5000 years ago. Royal women use to use them to enhance their ability to seduce their king. This ancient practise is now making a comeback in the western world to aid women at any stage of their lives and of any age to overcome pelvic floor complaints.

Canadian Nephrite Jade

The Yoni Eggs I include with Satntushi’s Sacred Temple, are made from genuine canadian nephrite jade. Canadian nephrite jade is by the far the best quality stone to use for this purpose. Nephrite is harder than steel due to it’s tough nature, it has a tightly packed interwoven fibrous structure. This strong and dense structure prevents any harmful impurities and bacteria from diffusing inside. Nephrite is said to be a healing stone that helps to amplify the body’s natural healing capacity. It is also commonly referred to as the stone of fertility. In Chinese culture nephrite jade is considered the ‘Stone of Heaven’.

Preparing Your Yoni Egg

After receiving your yoni egg’s it is recommended that you sterilise them before use. You can soak them in hot water, do not boil your eggs, this may cause them to crack. You may use an organic soap or essential oils to sanitise your eggs. My personal favourite is lavender and tea tree oil combined. It is best to soak the eggs and wait for the water to cool to below 60 degrees celsius before adding essential oils. Pure essential oils loose their thereaputic value if heated above 60 degrees. It is recommended to sanitise your eggs before and after each use.

It is then recommended to energetically cleanse your eggs. Your eggs are made from crystals from the earth. They have a natural, live and vibrant energy that enable healing their healing qualities. Energetically cleansing your eggs will keep them tuned in with the natural universal energy that they derived from. You can do this by placing them in the ray of the sun, placing them under the full moon light, burying in the earth or rinsing them in the ocean. If you are a reiki practitioner or energetic healer then you may carry out your own energetic cleansing.

You are now ready to set your intention for using the eggs. Hold the eggs in your hands and hold close to your heart. Think about what you would like to manifest or draw in, set this intention and visualise as you hold your eggs.