Yoni Yoga Programme

Santushti’s Sacred Temple

Namaste Beautiful Godess’s!

Welcome to Santushti’s Sacred Temple, your yoni yoga programme for healing your inner goddess. If you’re looking for a programme to enhance your life, then you’ve come to the right place.

One of the most common complaints I hear is, ‘ I’ve recently had a baby and my body just isn’t the same anymore!’. This sounds to me like some kind of mantra that is just pouring out the mouths of women around the globe!

Are you suffering from poor pelvic control, incontinence, dryness, PMS, baby blues, lack of sensitivity or lacking pleasure in the bedroom chamber??

The above scenarios which are facing the modern day woman is what has inspired me to create this beautiful programme, a programme that will entice and encourage an expression of divine feminine energy. This programme is suited to women of all ages at any stage of their lives. Incorporating jade yoni eggs into a beautiful yoga practise will enhance your feminine vitality, creating space for energetic pelvic floor healing.

Yoni is a sanskrit word denoting female genitalia, translating to sacred temple.  Santushti’s Sacred Temple is your online yoni yoga programme designed to reclaim your feminine vitality.

Santushti’s Sacred Temple is a four week online programme, plus one beautiful replenishing bonus module. The programme is made up of a combination of yoga movement with focus on the pelvic floor, meditation, yoga nidra (yogic sleep), pranayama (breathing exercises) and cultivating a self love attitude.

During the four week programme, you will notice your pelvic floor becoming stronger, less dragging feelings, you will start to feel more in control of your feminine vitality, you will experience feelings of gratitude, beauty and sweetness, you will feel more intense sensations and gain the freedom to express your inner goddess.

What The Programme Includes
Jade Eggs

Jade Eggs

  • 4 weeks of guided yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama and loads of delicious expressions of self love and restoration.
  • Bonus Restorative & Replenishing Module.
  • Set of 3 Canadian Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs.
  • 1x Roll on Clary Calm Doterra Essential Oil (women’s blend).
  • Access to our Secret Facebook Page with loads of ispiration, updates and sisterly support.
Programme Start Date

The programme is done completely online so is available to start anytime. If you would like to discuss this beautiful nurturing programme any further detail please don’t hesitate to phone me (Marie) on 0415 813 584 or email me at santushtiyoga@gmail.com to request a call back.

Jade Eggs

Jade Eggs