200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

In conjunction with our sister school in Rishiksesh, Northern India, Santushti Yoga offers experienced teachings to those wishing to become yoga teachers or for those wishing to deepen their own yoga practise. Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course will not only give you a profound understanding of yoga but will also give you the opportunity to experience a yogic lifestyle.

Our teacher training course takes place at our Ashram in northern India, a spiritual haven for those wishing to embark further on their yoga journey. Our ashram is located in a rural area of Rishikesh away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. Our setting also boasts an abundance of fresh air and still surroundings which aids greatly in silencing the mind. Our ashram is the perfect setting for delving deeper into a yogic lifestyle and creates the perfect atmosphere for deeper learnings.


Our teacher training course covers the following subjects:

  • Yoga philosophy

Our course will teach you the principles of yoga philosophy which will greatly benefit physical, mental and emotional understanding of yoga. The course covers; The Dynamics of Yoga (Chakras & Granthis, Bandhas, Mudras, Ida, Pingla & Kundalini, Koshas), The 8 limbs of Yoga, detailed explanations of Yoga Sutras as detailed by Patanjali, detailed explanations of the commentary of The Bhagvadgita.

  • Yoga anatomy

Training to become a teacher it is important that you gain an understanding of basic anatomy and how this knowledge can be used in your yoga classes. Our course will give you an understanding of the systems of the body including but not limited to, breathing system, nervous system, endocrine system, menstural cycle. We will also cover muscular and skeletal disorders, connective tissues, joint structure and stretch reflexes.

  • Yoga asana

Each day there is a morning and afternoon asana class. Morning asana class is full practise class and our afternoon class is a workshop style class. In the workshops we will break down the postures piece by piece to ensure thorough understanding of the entire posture. During the workshops we will also cover adjustments for each posture and plenty of time to practise these with each other.

  • Yogic cleansing practises (Shat Kriyas)

Throughout the course will have the opportunity to practise yogic cleansing. Yogic cleansing techniques can be a little daunting at first however we guide you through the process in safe and hygienic way. On the course you will have the opportunity to experience Khalabhati, jala neti, sutra neti,

  • Pranayama & Meditation techniques

Our course has been specially designed to take you on journey for the full 28 days. Our daily pranayama and meditation will no doubt guide you on your path and assist with silencing the mind and finding inner peace. You will also learn how to guide pranayama and meditation as future teachers.

  • Teaching Methodology

As you are on a teacher training course you will be taught how teach your own classes. Our teachings throughout the course will teach you how to sequence a class, what to expect as a teacher and many more fundamentals about becoming a teacher. You will also gain hands on experience in leading your own class in small groups.

  • Pooja and Aarti (spiritual ceremonies)

Spiritual ceremonies are part of everyday life in India. The course will commence and retire with a Pooja, ceremony to open and close the course. You will also begin and end the day with Aarti, a small ceremony of offerings to the gods. It is encouraged to actively participate in spiritual ceremonies in India as this adds to the experience of a spiritual existence.

This is just a brief explanation of our 200 hour Teacher Training Course, for full course curriculum and course dates please follow the link below.

Santushti Yoga’s sister school 200 hour Teacher Training Course, Rishikesh, Northern Inida.